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Oven Cleaning Business FAQs

Good businesses thrive on demand from customers. There are around 25 million households in the UK, and almost every one has an oven. Everybody appreciates a clean oven. In other words, there is an enormous demand for oven cleaning.

Oven cleaning businesses succeed or fail through the quality of service they provide. At Oven Rescue we know how important it is to delight our customers every time. That’s what keeps them coming back when it’s time to clean their oven again, and what makes them recommend us to their friends and neighbours. Yes, oven cleaning is a good business, but some oven cleaning businesses are so much better than others!

Plenty of franchisees earn what they are looking for from oven cleaning franchises. It’s unrealistic to expect to make an easy fortune, but if a healthy income, flexible working hours and being your own boss is what you’re after, a franchise could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Oven Rescue franchisees will tell you about the importance of being part of a professional brand, and the way that training and ongoing support helps them to establish themselves and to work profitably and efficiently. If you’re considering an oven cleaning franchise, do your homework first, and talk to the business owners, not just to franchise salesmen. Be realistic, be organised, and be prepared to roll up your sleeves – then you’ll be able to make a success of your cleaning franchise.

Be careful of any income guarantees. A lot of franchise businesses make promises along the lines of ‘£200,000 of enquiries guaranteed’ which sounds fantastic but boils down to a lots of leads which are never going to lead to a booking. 

No, but you do need to understand how to use cleaning materials and equipment. The best way to find out about the ins and outs of oven cleaning is on the job training – not sitting in a classroom, or reading or watching how to guides.

As a new franchisee, you should make sure you get to see how the business works by accompanying an experienced franchisee working at customers’ homes. It’s not just the quickest way to learn, it’s also the most effective. You should also be aware that you never stop learning. There is a huge number of different ovens, and you having a highly experienced expert such as Oven Rescue’s Mike Harris on call to help you out with unfamiliar or tricky ovens is invaluable.  

You can expect to charge for single ovens at around £50-£60, rising to £75-£85 for a double oven, and £100 or more for a range. You can also set pricing between £15 to £50 for cleaning hobs, cooker hoods, microwaves and BBQs. At Oven Rescue, our franchisees publish their charges and will always supply a clear quote so customers know exactly what they are in for.

The cost of an oven cleaning franchise varies across different companies. You’ll see prices ranging from around £10,000 to £25,000. That’s a huge range, so it’s vital to understand what’s actually on offer. At the lower end, you can still find excellent opportunities with leading franchise businesses, while at the top end you won’t necessarily get anything significantly better. You may also be able to benefit from a government grant when you start out.

The things to look out for include:

  • How many households are in the area covered by the franchise?
  • How professional is the franchise branding?
  • What training and technical support is provided? 
  • What marketing support is included?
  • Are cleaning materials and equipment included? 


There is also the cost of vehicles to consider. A small to medium sized van is the best vehicle, and you should be able to find one from around £4000. You should also look for a franchise business which will provide smart vehicle graphics for a professional look. You should also expect to pay around £50 a month for professional insurance to cover you in case of any damage to customers’ cookers or their homes.

It’s always important to talk through costs with the franchise business to make sure you go into any arrangement with eyes wide open. Watch out in particular for any tie-ins on paying for vehicles or materials at inflated prices. Businesses like Oven Rescue are transparent and open and will be 100% clear about all aspects of costs. After all, successful franchise businesses are built around what works for franchisees, rather than making unrealistic promises to get sign-ups. Adding to this, Oven Rescue can assist you in finance for your new franchise to help you afford your new business.

Oven cleaning is physical work but it’s not like working on a building site or anything else that involves heavy weights. You need to be physically fit enough to handle cleaning trays and removable parts such as oven doors. You also need to be flexible enough to work on floor level ovens and ranges, and be able to reach inside them to clean and wipe.    

Oven cleaning is very flexible in terms of time, and doesn’t require the long hours you need to make a living with plenty of franchises such as home delivery. Essentially it’s your choice how hard you work, depending on how much you want to earn.

The best oven cleaning franchise is the one which allows you to earn what you want and which works for your lifestyle. For many franchisees, flexibility is a key factor, especially if you need to work around childcare or school drop-offs and pick-ups. That’s one of the benefits of being your own boss, and deciding exactly when and how you work.

It’s a good idea to list what you want from a franchise, including costs, brand, training, support, potential income and working routine. Then find the best match and, most importantly of all, talk to the franchise owner. You are always better off having a free and frank discussion about the franchise, to make sure that there are no nasty surprises. Beware of anyone, especially sales staff, making unrealistic promises.

Different franchise packages include different ranges of tools, equipment and ways of paying for them. Your franchise should come with an initial free supply of cleaning materials (they should be eco-friendly) to help you get up and running. You should also receive all the tools you need such as cleaning trays, gloves, pads and scrubbers. You will also look so much more professional in your work if your franchise supplies branded workwear, such as polos, jackets and trousers. Vehicle graphics provided by the franchise company help to establish your reliability and trustworthiness.  

All the equipment and materials should be backed up with business cards, brochures, training and support. Don’t settle for less!

Like all service franchises, oven cleaning opportunities cover specific areas, usually determined by postcode. Once you have decided on the franchise company you want to work with, you can explore the areas where you can work. It’s important to factor in the distance from where you live, because commuting comes with fuel costs as well as adding to your hours away from home. Oven Rescue offer franchise opportunities today, so get in contact to find a suitable local area for your new franchise.

Splitting a franchise across two people is a great option in plenty of circumstances. A pair of franchisees can, for example, fit their work around children and social activities, allowing maximum flexibility while providing the right level of service for customers. At Oven Rescue we also see father and son teams working well together, especially if Dad is winding down and gradually handing over to son or daughter.

If you are ambitious and want to build your business, you need to find a franchise business which has no restrictions on employing your own staff. As a franchisee, you are essentially running your own business, and you are governed by the same rules as any business owner. The rules include a range of responsibilities which you explore at gov.uk and it’s always a good idea to seek out professional advice. For Oven Rescue franchisees, Mike Harris can give an overview of how employing staff to grow your franchise is a proven way of moving up the gears and growing your business.

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