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Ovens are at the heart of the home. But there’s a world of difference between a smoky, smelly cooker, and one that’s clean, shiny and odour-free. Every oven needs a regular deep clean, but it can take you hours of scrubbing and wiping down. If your cooker is floor standing, you’ll need to be prepared to spend time on your knees and bending over too.  

That’s where Oven Rescue steps in. We do all the tough work and leave you with a cooker that’s good as new. 

We clean ovens

Every part of your oven gets dirty every time you cook. We take out the removable parts, including oven racks, trays, fan plates and bulb covers. Then we soak them in non-toxic cleaning solutions in our vans, outside of your home.

Meanwhile we get to work on the inside of your cooker with specialist cleaners which remove the most stubborn residues. We use all the elbow grease that’s needed, and reassemble your cooker so that it is ultra-clean, odourless and hygienic.

We clean Agas

We strive to make sure that all of your agas are working at their best performance. We provide comprehensive cleaning services that remove grease, dust and other build-up on your agas so they run better and last longer. With our professional cleaners and top quality equipment, you can rest assured that all of your agas will be as good as new. Let us help you keep your appliances in excellent shape with our one-stop shop for everything related to agas!

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We clean ranges

Ranges have two or more ovens, so there’s more to clean and more removable parts. Our approach is just as thorough as the way we clean standard cookers. Most ranges are perfect for long, slow cooking which makes for great food, but can make baked on grime even more stubborn to remove. That’s no problem for our professional cleaners – we’ll take on any oven cleaning challenge!

We clean hobs

Cooking on top of the oven means that surfaces, rings and burners easily get spilled on, spat on by frying pans, and by pans which overboil. All those spills and splashes get burned on. Just like your oven parts, we’ll roll up our sleeves, put on rubber gloves and clean your hob area so that it looks like it’s never been used. 

We clean extractor fans

Extractor fans do a great job of clearing out cooking smells and the air that gets steamy and greasy when you cook. Over time, greasy deposits build up on the inside and outside of cooker hoods and on filters too. Unfortunately, dirty extractor fans just recirculate bad air.It’s amazing the difference we make by cleaning your extractor – it’s literally like a breath of fresh air.

We clean BBQs

Who doesn’t love a BBQ? But who doesn’t hate cleaning them? Cooking on a dirty or part-cleaned grill can be a health hazard and can make your food taste grimy. Even if it’s only once a year, it’s always a good idea to get us to make your barbeque as clean as the day it arrived.

We clean microwaves

Microwaves need a regular clean, just like ovens. The high temperatures cook on food residues and spillages and are not great for hygiene, odours and efficiency. If you’re a microwave user, it is always getting it professionally cleaned while we’re cleaning your main oven.

We do more than clean

On top of our cleaning services, we’ll also get your cooker into good as new condition by replacing lightbulbs, seals and extractor filters. We are committed to helping our customers get the best form their ovens, so if there’s anything you need, you only have to ask.

3 reasons why you need your oven cleaned by Oven Rescue

Better cooking

Clean ovens cook your food evenly, dirty ovens don’t. Unless your oven is as clean as we make it, you can find that part of your food is overdone and on the other side it’s not properly cooked at all. That’s a sure way to spoil the Sunday roast, your home-baked cakes or dinner party dishes.

Better air quality

Dirty ovens produce lots of tiny particles which make the air in your kitchen difficult to breathe. You might find you have a bit of a tickly cough while you cook – a sure sign you’re breathing in things you shouldn’t. That dirty air affects everyone in the kitchen and can seep into the rest of your home.

Lower energy usage

We’re all trying to find ways of cutting down on energy usage. It is estimated that the inefficiency of a dirty oven adds 10% to 20% to the amount of energy you use. That means you actually save money when we clean your oven.

Oven cleaning FAQ's

Everyone in the Oven Rescue team is fully trained, and also has back up from the expertise in our head office. We clean every brand of oven including popular choices such as Hotpoint, Beko, Bosch, Indesit, Neff, AEG, Zanussi and Electrolux. We have yet to meet an oven we couldn’t get back to clean as new!  

We do the same for range cookers as we do for standard sized ovens. Whether it is an Aga, Rayburn, Rangemaster, Stoves, Belling, Smeg, Bertazzoni or other make of range, we’ll make it spotless and immaculate.

It usually takes around two hours to clean a standard oven, longer for double ovens and ranges. When you get in touch with your local Oven Rescue professional, they’ll ask you for details of your oven and give you a clear idea of how long it will take them to do a perfect job.

You’ll find a full price list for services in your area when you request a quote. We know there are lower prices out there, but low prices generally mean lower quality of service and less clean ovens. We are proud to do a professional job, and always deliver a service which delights our customers.

Click here to get a free quote from your local Oven Rescue professional and they’ll be in touch to book you in for a time and date that works for you.

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