Professional Microwave Cleaning

Get Your Microwave Spick and Span!

Just like your oven, your microwave needs regular cleaning too. The issue is that spills and splashes inevitably happen when you use your microwave, and they soon become a health hazard. Potentially they can be a fire hazard too.

You can’t have better reasons for cleaning your microwave than your family’s health and their safety. At Oven Rescue, we can make sure your microwave is as clean as new, and won’t endanger you or anyone in your household.

We usually look after microwaves when we visit to clean the main oven. Get in touch for a free quote for cleaning your microwave.

Your Local Professional Microwave Cleaning Service

Whether or not you use your microwave a lot, it still needs a regular clean. Even when it’s left idle for a while, it gathers the dust and grime that finds its way around any kitchen. 

At Oven Rescue we know how to get rid every trace of stickiness and grease that lurks inside and outside a microwave. Like any oven, microwaves get hot and any splashes will be cooked on. We lift out all the removable parts such as turntables and trays. We soak them if needed while we give all the surfaces, inside and out, a thorough clean. We dry everything off, and leave your microwave clean, bacteria-free and ready to use. 

Our professional service includes being with you on time, and making sure we disrupt your home life as little as possible. We are a friendly bunch, and we work tidily too, so your kitchen will be left clean and ready to cook in, without any rubbish left behind.

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Microwave Cleaning FAQs

To clean the surfaces we use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning fluids and sprays. They are very efficient at removing any deposits left on the microwave during cooking or accumulated over time just by being in the kitchen.

We also use non-marking cloths, brushes, sponges and pads. Any parts which need a good soak are placed in the baths our experts carry in the back of their vans.  At the end of the process, your microwave gets put back together ready for action, and there’s no trace of odours. 

We clean every type of microwave. The simplest are standard or solo ovens which are used to heat food up or for cooking simple recipes. Then there are microwaves with grills. For these we’ll get the grill itself clean and the grill trays too. When the grill is used the heat can bake on any splashes and spitting fat, but we’re always prepared to use as much elbow grease as necessary! 

We also clean combi or convection microwaves – ie models which circulate air and heat. These also spread cooking particles around the oven, and once again we’ll put in all the effort that’s needed.

It doesn’t matter whether your microwave is standalone or built-in. We’ll get to grips with making it as clean as the day you bought it.

Microwaves are smaller and simpler to clean than conventional ovens. Generally, it’s a lot less than an hour, which is why we advise adding a microwave clean to the booking for your oven. On the same visit, we can also look after extractor fans and hoods, as well as BBQs. Just tick the boxes for the services you when you ask for a quote.

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Microwave Cleaning Near Me

We would love to help you restore your microwave to its sparkling glory.

Booking a professional microwave clean is easy, click on our quote request and we will find your local Oven Rescue team member.