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Practical Franchise Training and Oven Cleaning Coaching

Proper franchise training is crucial for making a success of your oven cleaning business. That’s why we take it so seriously at Oven Rescue, and why our franchisees do so well.

We believe in practical training on real life jobs, rather than sitting you down in a stuffy classroom. We’ll get you out on the road for a taster day rather than pitch to you in a corporate office. Decide you like it? Then you can embark on two weeks training, and it sets you up to go out on your own and get your business up and running.

What are franchise taster days?

Once you’ve read about Oven Rescue and had a chat with founder Mike Harris, you can take the next step of having a franchise taster day with an experienced member of our team. There’s no obligation, but it’s a sure way of seeing for yourself what the work involves.   

Get in touch about an Oven Rescue franchise taster day.

What oven cleaning training will I receive?

Oven Rescue offers extensive training for all aspiring entrepreneurs and budding business owners. But we won’t just throw you into the deep end. First, we’ll teach you all you need to know about ovens and cleaning methods.

We’ll take you through an oven cleaning crash course, giving you the opportunity to learn all about the job.

We’ll teach you:

  • how to remove oven trays, racks, side supports and doors
  • setting up a cleaning tank in the back of a van
  • proper use of eco-friendly cleaning materials and equipment
  • how to make the ovens you work on clean as new
  • working tidily and leaving customers’ kitchens spotlessly clean

You’ll also see how to deal with customers, and how to leave them delighted with your work, which is imperative for repeat business.

If you are ever stuck or need assistance, Mike and the rest of the team are readily on hand to help and speak over problems with you over the phone. For more local franchises, Mike has offered his support by coming out and assisting himself.

What franchise training will I receive?

Oven cleaning business training is just as important as showing you how to clean ovens. For a lot of our people, an Oven Rescue franchise is the first step in running a business for themselves. We’re on hand to make sure you manage your franchise in the right way.

We’ll tell you what need to know about keeping your business on track. We have a proven business model which covers:

  • getting leads 
  • changing leads into bookings
  • managing your schedules
  • billing customers and collecting payments
  • managing expenses including cleaning materials, fuel, insurance and vehicles 
  • making sure you have enough cash in your business 
  • planning for the future

We’ll also put you on the right track on whether you are better off being self-employed or setting up your own company. Likewise, we’ll provide information on tax, insurance and arranging loans. 

We want your business to prosper, so we’ll do all we can to help you make Oven Rescue a resounding success.

What support does Oven Rescue offer?

There will come a day when you press the green button and set out on your own. We’ll have provided the training, the equipment and the know-how, and now it’s down to you, although you always have our support for practical advice and problem solving.

Franchise equipment – We provide baths and tools which you’ll be able to carry out oven cleaning from the get go. We also provide 3 months’ supply of oven cleaning materials in your franchise package. For day one of your operation, it’s a good idea to have your van ready to go, complete with the Oven Rescue graphics we provide, in order to start reinforcing your brand image in your area.

Business cards and leaflets – Business cards look professional, and can be handed out without any hassle. Everyone needs their oven to be cleaned regularly, and anyone with your contact details already to hand are more likely to enquire. A lot of customers recommend us to friends and relatives, which is much easier if you have a physical card or leaflet to promote your business on.

Local paper advertising – Entries in newspapers and magazines are great ways of physically increasing your brand awareness. We can tell you about the ins-and-outs of advertising and the best way to spend your money to get results.

Personalised website section – Our website generates hundreds of organic leads every month, giving you plenty of consistent customers without having to make amendments yourself. We also compete with some of the UK’s top Oven Cleaning companies, all thanks to our highly optimised website.

Social media – Setting up a Facebook or Instagram is a great way of showing activity – plus it’s free! It’s always a good idea to ask happy customers to post a review on their own pages, link to your pages, and engage in local community groups.

Colleague support – Oven Rescue features a wide network of the UK’s top oven cleaners. Some franchisees take part in Oven Rescue groups on social media to share tips on everything from getting leads to dealing with different types of ovens.

Read the Oven Rescue stories about learning to run a franchise:

Is there ongoing training?

As Mike will tell you, you never stop learning about oven cleaning. You can nail the basics of what you need to know from the outset, but as you build your business you’ll come across more and more different types of oven. The first time you get to work on an Aga for instance can seem daunting – but don’t worry because you can check in with Mike to find out what you need to know.

That’s the point about an Oven Rescue franchise. We will never leave you high and dry without any help to call on. Yes, you’re independent and your own boss – but if you need a helping hand you’ll get it.

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