My Oven Cleaning Franchise Helped Me Buy a House - Rob Wells

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 31, engaged with a 15-month old little boy. I started out with Oven Rescue 11 years ago when I was a football coach. I carried on coaching in the early days, but now I’m full-time – and very busy – with oven cleaning. 

What made you choose Oven Rescue? 

It was my dad. He used to run his own business and went to Franchise Expo to have a look. We looked at other franchises, but after doing some research we met Mike and decided Oven Rescue was the one to go for. My dad bought the franchise for me, and we worked together in the early days. 

Did you know anything about oven cleaning?

At 19 I didn’t have a clue about ovens, but I knew I didn’t want an office job. 

How did your training go?

Two weeks with Mike taught me a lot about ovens – how to take a door off, how much cleaning materials to use, and how to work cleanly. I learned the importance of making ovens as good as new, as well as leaving the surrounding area clean. Now I do training for Mike’s new franchisees.  

What’s the ongoing support like?

There are hundreds of different ovens so it would take forever to learn about every one. If I hit a problem, I FaceTime Mike, or call, and he’ll tell me what to do. 

What’s Mike like to deal with?

He’s always there to support you. One time, he even came out and sorted the problem at the customer’s home. 

What’s a typical day?

I usually set off at 8am, with the first job scheduled for 8.30. I’ll do two jobs, before lunch, and two, sometimes three afterwards. On Fridays, I always aim to finish by 3pm. My fiancée manages my bookings, and looks after the little man at home. The flexibility is great – I don’t work on my son’s birthday, or if we have a family day out planned. I never miss special events.

What’s oven cleaning like? 

I get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done, and from having happy customers. 80%-85% of my bookings are repeat business, which shows why the main thing is to do a really good job. 

How does Oven Rescue work for you financially?

I work hard and I’m very comfortable. As a football coach I was taking home about £600 a month. After I got up and running at Oven Rescue I could buy my own flat at 23, and my own house at 27. I now drive a Jaguar 4×4 – we live well and have a great family life.      

What’s in store for the future?

I work hard and I’m booked up four months in advance, mainly because of repeat business. I’m about to expand into a second area, so I’m going to get even busier, but the opportunity is there. I’m working hard to get the new area up and running in time for Christmas when everyone wants their ovens cleaned.

In the past, I’ve walked miles leafleting homes to build up my business, although now social media plays a big part. I also do ads in a couple of glossy magazines. But what really works for me is to do a good job, and get word of mouth recommendations. New customers are coming in all the time. You put in the graft and you get the rewards. 

Are there any downsides to franchising with Oven Rescue?

There’s always going to be some worry about whether your franchise will work out. But at the end of the day you’ve got to back yourself. 

How strongly would you recommend an Oven Rescue franchise?

Really strongly. People say to me why don’t I set up myself, but why would I? Mike’s already set up a great brand and website, and he’s always there to help me when I need it.

What are your top tips for anyone thinking about an Oven Rescue franchise?

Research your area. If it’s not affluent enough, people won’t be spending on oven cleaners. Be prepared to graft and make sure you’re fit enough. 

What’s the first step for anyone thinking about an Oven Rescue franchise?

Get on the phone to Mike! 

Get in touch or read more about starting an Oven Rescue Franchise to find out more and start your new career today.