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What is Oven Rescue?

Oven Rescue is a successful oven cleaning franchise business that operates throughout the UK, with 35 franchisees and plenty of opportunity to expand the team further.

"I founded the company 12 years ago when I decided I wanted to be my own boss and spend more time doing the things I enjoy. All franchisees coming on board are carefully vetted and are fully trained by me to ensure their business is a success. You don’t need to have any experience cleaning ovens, just the right attitude to make it work for you.

We are committed to delivering an excellent service at a competitive price to ensure that customers are totally satisfied with the results. If you want to be in charge of your own destiny, then please get in touch to find out more!"

Mike Harris, Founder of Oven Rescue

Why Choose Oven Rescue?

Oven Rescue is here to help you change your life. Group founder, Mike Harris, set up the business over a decade ago when looking for a new direction and he’s never looked back. His pride in high quality service to the local community (and love of cleaning ovens…) snowballed the brand into an industry leader. Now you can join Oven Rescue to take advantage of the brand’s reputation and real world support from the team. In fact, you can book a taster day with a current franchisee to see if it’s for you!

The Oven Rescue Difference

  • Support - Group Founder Mike Harris supports you with over a decade in oven cleaning business experience. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about growing a successful local service.
  • Best Branding - Along with unrivalled service levels, Oven Rescue places value and investment in branding. From websites to vans, customers are met with quality from their first interaction. Customers continue to come back as they love the professional yet friendly service delivered by every franchise.
  • Oven Rescue vs Competitors - Not only do you receive direct support and continual brand investment, you can buy your oven cleaning franchise at up to 50% less than other well-known groups. We take advantage of government grants and if required, walk you through the process for funding your franchise with a business loan.
  • Taster Days - No wasting time at ‘head office’ or boring presentations… If you’re interested we’ll get you out on the road with a real franchisee for a taste of the action.

Watch our video

See what Mike and some of his team have to say about Oven Rescue. It could be the perfect opportunity for you...

What will I receive if I invest?

We can put together a package that works for you. As a standard, all our packages include full training and all the products and tools you’ll need to get up and running. You will be able to use the Oven Rescue branding straight away and we provide you with ongoing support.

Included in the Standard Package

Business Cards & Brochures

Essential marketing materials, including business cards to get your business off to a good start

Full Training

Two-week intensive, hands on training course in the field

Ongoing Support

Help & guidance is always on hand with further training & mentoring in all aspects of running your business to support you on your journey

Products & Tools

Three months supplies of our eco-friendly products and all the tools you'll need

Branded Workwear

Oven Rescue polo shirts, jackets, and trousers provided in your size


We work in partnership with you to ensure your business is represented on our website and in local advertising

Vehicle Graphics

You can choose your brand of van to suit your budget and style. We can help you brand it

Repeat Custom

Total exclusivity to defined area & all customer base

Franchise package 1
30,000 households
£9,500 + vat

Government-backed start-up loans available

Franchise package 2
60,000 households
£12,500 + vat

Government-backed start-up loans available

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FAQs about your oven cleaning franchising

Is Oven Cleaning a Profitable Business?

Yes, oven cleaning can be a very profitable business. This is because it is a service business with low overheads. The business is mobile and can be run from a van so no need for offices, warehouses, or other fixed expenses. In addition, you can run things as an individual so you don’t require staff members or a large team.
Once you have all the equipment to get started, it’s simply down to how hard you work and how many ovens you clean!

The profitability of an oven franchise business will boil down to the efforts you make at an individual level. The oven cleaning franchise will set you off with a good marketing and preliminary plan in your area. With the training and skills you will have, you need to ensure that you work with diligence and have your principles in place to build your clientele locally.

The oven cleaning franchise can only do so much to set you off; after that, it will boil down to your hunger for reciprocating the support and building your wealth. Ultimately, the key to success is building, maintaining, and increasing your customer base.

How Much do Oven Cleaners Earn?

You can earn £1,250+ a week as an oven cleaner. That’s more than £5000 each month and £60,000 a year! Of course, that means cleaning a lot of ovens.

Many oven cleaners choose to enjoy the business for its work life balance. You can choose how often you want to work and fit your cleans around your schedule. It’s perfect for parents who need to pick the kids up from school or someone looking for a career change that doesn't require particular skills or qualifications.

Is Oven Cleaning a Hard Job?

No oven cleaning is not complex or hard, although it can still be hard work out on the road with multiple customers every day. The beauty of an oven cleaning business is the low barrier to entry. You don’t need any skills or qualifications to get started.

How Do I Start An Oven Cleaning Business?

The easiest way to start your business is by joining an established franchise like Oven Rescue. Joining a franchise gets you started instantly while significantly reducing costs.

There’s no need to fork out for fresh branding, logos, or websites. The business side of things is waiting for you, ready to go. Plus you’ll get complete training from experienced cleaners and support along the way.

What Do You Need To Join an Oven Cleaning Franchise?

Before choosing your oven cleaning franchise, you need to consider the impact on your business and how much you are willing to spend. You will need to have your initial franchise fee in place, though not as expensive as starting your oven cleaning business.

Research the best oven cleaning franchises in the UK and compare how beneficial they will be to your business. Consider the brand’s impact in your local area and work towards setting up a successful franchising business. For example, many franchise groups have limited availability for new franchises in your area so take the time to see what suits you.

How Will I Market My Oven Cleaning Franchise?

Oven Rescue is here to support you every step of the way. To get you going you’ll receive essential marketing materials, including business cards and strategic advice. We work in partnership with you to ensure your business is represented on our website and in local advertising. Of course, no one knows your local community better than you do so while you take care of that, we continually invest in the brand and marketing so everyone succeeds.

How Does Franchising Compare to Starting Your Own Business?

Oven cleaning franchises best suits people who lack significant knowledge and experience in business and marketing in their niche. It gives you a platform to showcase your abilities and build on your entrepreneurial idea smoothly.

Starting an oven cleaning business from scratch can be tedious as you have to compete with the known and established names in the market. The slow, inconsistent profits and growth is frustrating. Franchising takes away these problems and gets you straight to earning money.

The benefits of oven cleaning franchises revolve around profitability and ease of management. There is a greater emphasis on supporting your business as they work on growing their brand. Here are some of the benefits of oven cleaning franchises.

Here are some of the benefits of oven cleaning franchises:

  • There is greater profitability from the onset since you are working under a well-established brand in the market
  • You will get extra guidance and training from the franchiser to ensure your business aligns with the required standards
  • Low overhead costs
  • The franchisers will mostly deal with the brand marketing
  • The business management mentorship and leadership from Oven Rescue will help you grow significantly

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