Oven cleaning gives me 'Flexibility' to be there for my family - Mike Kempe

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 48, married with three daughters and one son. I’ve been working with Oven Rescue for over a year, after five years in a delivery franchise. 

What made you choose Oven Rescue? 

In my previous franchise, the company gave almost no flexibility and it certainly didn’t feel like being my own boss. I hated it and was very disenchanted with franchising! But I met Mike who showed me how things were very different at Oven Rescue. There was no hard sell, and I was really impressed. 

Did you know anything about oven cleaning?

I’d cleaned my oven at home in a heavy-handed way, but that was it. 

How did your training go?

I set out on two weeks’ training with Mike going from job to job, learning about hands-on oven cleaning at customers’ homes, and about how Mike worked. He showed me how to find customers and build a successful business. I took it all on board and was ready to go.  

What’s the ongoing support like?

There’s plenty of advice direct from Mike, and from other franchisees, especially through the Oven Rescue WhatsApp group. 

What’s Mike like to deal with?

Mike is incredibly helpful. I knew he would be great to work with – he was more concerned about me making the right decision for my own benefit, rather than for his.

What’s a typical day?

I start the day with school runs, and usually have my first appointment at around 9am. I’ll do up to four jobs a day, finishing by 5 or so. Any later and the oven’s in use for the kids’ dinners. The flexibility is really important to me, especially because my daughter is due to have her first child, and I want to be on hand to help. 

What’s oven cleaning like? 

I actually find it very therapeutic. At the end of every job there’s real satisfaction in seeing a dirty oven become sparkling clean. Customers are always impressed by the results – some say I’m a magician and I’ll take that!

How does Oven Rescue work for you financially?

I’m very happy with what I earn. I can earn more if I want, and put in the leg work to get more jobs. Old-fashioned leafleting works best for me, but I do Facebook and Checkatrade too.    

What’s in store for the future?

One year in, I’m working on growing my own business before expanding. In time, I’ll look at getting another van on the road, and building up the business, but a lot depends on what I need to do for the family. 

Are there any downsides to franchising with Oven Rescue?

No, I can’t think of anything and I’ve no gripes at all. With the franchise there’s so much in place – a great brand, training, materials and Mike himself – he’s a wonderful man. It’s been a massive step up for me. 

How strongly would you recommend an Oven Rescue franchise?

Very strongly. I’ve recommended Oven Rescue to colleagues from my previous franchise, and one has already signed up.

What are your top tips for anyone thinking about an Oven Rescue franchise?

Don’t spend too long deliberating – just do it! I wish I’d done it years ago.

What’s the first step for anyone thinking about an Oven Rescue franchise?

When you start out you want to get straight out there, and you need a van. So think about getting a van as soon as you can. 

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