Franchise Marketing Explained

One of the most difficult parts of franchising in the UK is managing franchise marketing. When an aspiring business owner buys a franchise, they need to consider how to find new customers and ways they can promote their brand.

Different franchises will have different offers for marketing and advertising, with some opting for more inclusive options than others. In this article, we’ll be exploring franchise marketing in detail, looking at definitions, audiences, marketing channels

What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing, like any other form of marketing, is the way that a business attracts new customers and leads. In this case, franchise marketing refers to how franchises advertise their business.

Marketing comes in many different shapes and forms. The most successful form will always depend exactly on how the business operates and the type of audience it wishes to attract.

Why is marketing important in franchising?

Marketing is just as important for franchises as it is for standard businesses. Without marketing, businesses and franchises would fail to attract new leads and drive repeat business.

In franchising specifically however, marketing also has a unique importance. As many franchisees are new to the industry, it’s important that they have plenty of avenues to advertise their brand to attract new business.

Understanding the local area and target audience

Every franchise will need to have extensive knowledge of the area they serve, alongside the main characteristics of their area-specific target audience. We can see the importance of this across many of the UK’s most popular franchises.

For example, for a Subway franchise to succeed, it needs to pick a target area with an audience to suit. As a fast-food business, prices are generally quite cheap and convenient, so an urban setting will likely be best. Moreover, high populated areas are more sought after as a high percentage of their target audience will live in these areas.

Oven Rescue is also a great example. Whilst our target audience is for homeowners, it’s important that we market to the right people. Marketing to children and teenagers is useless as they will never engage with our services until they have an oven of their own.

Picking the right location and marketing to the right people are key points of consideration for any franchise business.

Marketing responsibilities

The marketing responsibilities for a franchisee will differ from business to business. Let’s explore some of the most important questions that franchisees tend to ask when it comes to marketing:

Do franchisees do their own marketing?

A lot of franchises will prompt franchisees to do their own marketing. This may require networking or promoting themselves on various online and offline different channels.

However, this is not always the case. For example, all franchisees with Oven Rescue gain access to our vast network of marketing channels, meaning most promotion is handled by our marketing team.

Who pays for marketing in a franchise?

The responsibility for funding marketing efforts in a franchise can vary depending on the terms outlined in the franchise agreement. In many cases, both the franchisor and franchisees contribute to the overall marketing fund, whether it be through marketing-specific funds or royalties that go back directly into funding new leads.

At Oven Rescue, franchisees do not need to pay for marketing, and instead receive advertising as part of their initial agreement.

Key marketing channels

Marketing comes in many different forms and the best avenue will always depend on the business and its industry. Here are seven of the most important marketing avenues that franchises can use to generate new leads:

  1. Website – A website is a fundamental part of attracting new leads in the current day and every business should have one. Depending on the set up of the franchise business, franchises can either have their own section on the main website or a completely separate website entirely. As well as acting as a central hub for all other avenues, websites can also bring in leads organically through Search Engine Optimisation.
  2. Socials – Social media is ever prevalent and continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. Being present on social media not only proves to potential customers that you are actively trading, but also humanises your brand and fosters trust with users
  3. Ads – Ads will always be a strong way of driving leads to your business as long as users are continually searching for your services. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and now even TikTok are great places for businesses to place ads.
  4. Email – Whilst it is no longer as powerful as it previously was, email marketing does still generate high numbers of leads for franchises. As your mailing list grows, so will your potential outreach, allowing you to bring in new and returning customers.
  5. Listings –  Being listed on aggregator or citation sites shows users that you are an established business and trustworthy. If a user can find you quickly and in multiple trusted locations, they are more likely to engage with your business.
  6. Reviews – The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth, as it is both free and from an independent source. Treat your customers with high regard and they will, in turn, do the same for you.
  7. Offline – Despite most of the marketing world taking palace digitally, offline marketing is still a powerful way of advertising your business and generating leads. Flyers, printed banners, and face-to-face networking are all solid examples of franchise marketing.

Franchise marketing options with Oven Rescue

At Oven Rescue, we recognise the importance of marketing and advertising for franchise success. As part of our all-inclusive package, we offer a range of resources and platforms for franchisees to advertise their business on.

These will help maximise their reach, drive customer engagement, and ultimately, achieve their business goals. Contact Mike at Oven Rescue today and let us help you with your franchise journey.

Email [email protected] or call 07772 991726 to get started.