Professional BBQ Cleaning

Get Your BBQ Ready for Summer!

The Oven Rescue team is fully trained and equipped to get your cookers, ovens, grills and BBQs beautifully clean. We have the experience too – we’ve been cleaning professionally for well over 10 years. 

It’s not just our meticulous approach to cleaning that makes us stand out  – it’s also the way we fit in with you, and leave your home spotless. Customers also tell us we’re great to have around too – we’re friendly and won’t get in the way of your daily routine. Everything we do is based on our commitment to total customer satisfaction.  

Our professionalism keeps customers booking us for regular visits. And when they see the results we get on ovens, they’ll ask if we can do the same for BBQs. The answer’s always, ‘Yes we can!’

The BBQ cleaning process

Cleaning BBQs involves taking off grills and racks so that we can give them a good soak. We carry cleaning baths in the back of our vans, and dunk your removable parts in our eco-friendly cleaning solutions for long enough to give them a deep, deep clean. 

We’ll work off any stubborn residues with the right types of brush. Whether your grills are stainless, coated or cast iron, they won’t be damaged – they’ll just be ready and waiting for you to cook your next feast!

We’ll take the same approach to the main body of the BBQ and the lid as we do to indoor ovens. We’ll wash down and scrub to remove cooked in grease, food bits and residues from cooking over coals, wood or gas. We’ll clean up the vents and the drip tray too, and dispose of accumulated grease and fat from the food you’ve cooked.

For gas BBQs we’ll clean up all everything that gathers grime, like gas burners, igniters and temperature gauges. Control knobs too get the full cleaning treatment. After we’ve made your BBQ spotless, it’ll work better, cook better and look better too.

Before and after picture of a dirty bbq than has been cleaned

BBQ Cleaning FAQs

BBQs fall into two basic types – charcoal or gas. Charcoal BBQs feature a fire pit of various shapes and size, while gas BBQs have gas jets and burners, as well as a range of controls. We clean both types, no problem.

BBQs also vary in terms of the materials they’re made from. As they get pricier, the metals used for the main body, lids and grills get heavier to help your food cook more evenly, and to give your BBQ a longer life span. 

Some upmarket BBQs are designed to smoke food as well as char-grill it. Smoking is a longer process, and the BBQ needs to give more gentle heat and to capture all the smokiness, so a heavier body and lid is what you need. Smokers also feature enough space to keep the food further away from hot coals and gas burners. They’re bigger, heavier bits of kit, but we’ll clean them as well as anything smaller. 

In terms of size, choices start with portable grills you can use for picnics and entry level kettle BBQs.  At the other end of the scale there are big drum BBQs used for catering, and hog roasters with spits. Size doesn’t matter to us – we’ll clean any of them brilliantly. 

There are also plenty of BBQs available that come complete with cabinets, doors and work surfaces. The ‘outdoor kitchen’ type of BBQ is great if you have the space, but there’s more cleaning to be done here. We’ll look after every inch of your BBQ equipment so that it’s fully primed and ready for action.

We use pretty much the same equipment to clean BBQs as we do ovens. The main pieces of kit are baths where parts of the BBQ can soak in the specialist cleaning solutions we use. Then there is our range of cloths, brushes and scrubbers. BBQs are more rugged than smart indoor ovens, so we’ll use tougher brushes and scrapers where necessary, but we’ll make sure we don’t do any damage.

A quick brushing down of a BBQ isn’t enough to do a decent job. We are thorough in what we do, because there is huge difference between a BBQ being ‘cleanish’ and properly clean. We’ll usually expect to spend an hour or two to clean to our standards, depending on the size and condition of your BBQ. We’ll be more precise once you’ve told us about what you want cleaned, and let you know what the cost will be.    

Most households will, very sensibly, brush and wipe down their BBQ after using it. The problem with a quick clean is that it will still leave your BBQ grimy. Grime harbours germs and can lead to feeling sick through to full blown food poisoning. 


It’s a myth to think that heating up the BBQ kills off all bacteria – it simply doesn’t. True, a long period of heating up helps, but it’s not foolproof. If you have a gas BBQ and get your food on the grill shortly after you’ve lit up, you’re asking for trouble. If you want to look after everyone in the family and your guests, you need your BBQ to have a thorough, deep clean. Your food will also taste a lot better, so there’s even more reason to do so.


The key time for a proper cleaning job is at the beginning of BBQ season. When the days get a bit a longer and you want o BBQ, you can’t do better than booking a BBQ clean with Oven Rescue. Then follow up by brushing it down each time you use it. If you use your BBQ a lot, it’s worth thinking about getting us back later in the Summer. The other time a good clean is useful is before you put your BBQ away for the winter.

BBQ cleaning isn’t just about hygiene. The cleaner it is, the longer it will last. That’s true regardless of how expensive it is. Keep it clean, and you can double it’s life from 3-5 years through to 6-10 years or longer. That makes professional cleaning very good value for money!


One thing to look out for when you’re looking after your BBQ is to make sure it’s left dry. Rust can be a real BBQ-killer, and if you don’t dry down properly, everything from hinges to burners and the main casing can be irreparably damaged. One of the advantages of a professional clean by Oven Rescue is that we won’t let that happen!

BBQ cleaning starts at £40. 

We need to know more about your BBQ before we tell you exactly what the cost will be, so the first thing to do is ask us for a quote. We’ll get back to you really quickly and book you in without delay.

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