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Your Aga, Looking Like New

An AGA is the centrepiece of many lovely, traditional kitchens. They’re the perfect way of creating a warm and welcoming kitchen look, and they are the ideal oven for rich and warming roasts, casseroles and baked treats.

But they do need to be kept clean! The last thing any proud AGA owner wants is a smelly, smoky kitchen and food that’s tainted by ingrained grease and grime. Traditionally, AGAs are always on, so any spills inside or on top of the oven get baked in deeper and deeper all the time. 

Sounds like a problem? Not for the Oven Rescue team. We provide a professional AGA cleaning service, and we would love to give you a free quote for cleaning your AGA.

The AGA cleaning process

When we clean an AGA, we’re very well aware of how special they are. AGAs need to be approached with respect.

Before we can begin, your AGA needs to be turned off. We advise it must be turned off 48 hours before we attend so it is cold to the touch.

We use the right eco-friendly cleaning materials for your oven, and roll up our sleeves to wipe, scrub, brush and polish without damaging any of the surfaces or any part of the cooker. 

We’ll remove everything that needs to come off the oven so that we get into every nook and cranny, as well as being able to soak the parts for a really deep clean. We have the right equipment to get perfect results, and to stop your cooker getting scratched or discoloured in any way.

We handle everything with extreme care and once all parts are beautifully clean and dry we replace them, and – like magic – your oven will look as good as a showroom AGA.

Aga cleaning dirty vs clean

Agas We Love to Clean

While AGAs are built to withstand everything that kitchen life can throw at them, they need to cleaned with a proper understanding of what they are made of.

An aga stove

Enamel – On the outside, there’s plenty of vitreous enamel used on the doors, the front of the oven and the rims of the lids – all of which are a key part of the AGA look. When it comes to cleaning, the advice is of course to wipe off any spills as soon as they happen. In the real world liquids, grease and food bits often get left to dry, and get further ingrained as doors and the oven surfaces heat up. That’s when you need more elbow grease and the non-abrasive cleaners we use to bring back your AGAs good as new looks.

Chrome – Chrome’s used for the heavy circular lids which are hinged over the AGA’s hot plates. It’s not as resilient a material as enamel. Chrome needs an extra degree of care and a specialist cleaning solution to get it properly clean, followed by an energetic polish to bring back its original shine. Chrome really does repay professional cleaning and can bring back the dazzle to your kitchen.

Stainless steel – The insides of AGA lids are made from stainless steel. A regular wipe down helps, but a deep, professional clean will make sure they are in even better condition. There’s no magic secret to cleaning steel, but the cleaners we use and the hard graft we put in are the best way to do it! 

Cast iron – The hot plates are made from cast iron which is also used for such things as car engine blocks and machine parts for heavy industry. While a lot of hot plate spills are cooked off over time, we’ll do what it takes to tidy up the cast iron surfaces and make your AGA even more of pleasure to cook on.

The ovens themselves are also made of cast iron. Like any oven, they’ll pump out unpleasant odours and smoke if they’re not cleaned, so we get stuck in to make sure there’s nothing in there to taint your food or create an unpleasant environment in the kitchen.  

Aluminium – AGA door linings are made from aluminium. Even though they’re not on show, they need cleaning to make sure food bits and pieces and splashes don’t turn into burned on discolouration and hard-baked food residues. We’ll take the doors off to clean them up thoroughly with a good soak in our cleaning baths, We’ll replace them when they’re dry with the utmost care.

Aga Cleaning FAQs

At Oven Rescue we’re fanatical about using the right tools for the job. Every member of our team carries a complete set of oven cleaning equipment, including all the brushes, cloths, pads, sprays, applicators and baths needed for cleaning AGAs. 

The same goes for cleaning liquids and solutions. Everything we use has been tried and tested over a good many years, and we know they’ll give the results our customers are looking for. 

AGAs have been around since the 1920s, and there are plenty of older models still in use. They are built to last! Today’s AGAs are instantly recognisable from the original designs, and use the same incredibly strong and long-lasting materials. Whatever your model of AGA, and whenever it was made, we have the know-how to clean it to the highest professional standards.

AGA cleaning takes longer than a standard oven, mainly because they’re larger, with two or even four ovens. So we’ll generally be looking at a whole morning or afternoon, but the best thing to do is to hear from your local Oven Rescue superstar cleaner who will let you know how long it will take and how much it will cost. You can start off by sending us your details and we’ll get back in touch without delay.

How often you get your oven cleaned is down to you, but to keep it in really good condition you should have it cleaned once a year as a minimum. If you use your oven a lot for roasts and other dishes which can spit a lot of fat, booking us in to clean it every six months makes a lot of sense. The advantage of a regular clean is that your food will taste better, your oven will be more efficient and your kitchen won’t be filled with unpleasant – possibly health-damaging – fumes.

With a cast iron cavity, AGA ovens can get a bit rusty. It’s most definitely worth paying attention to any rust build up and getting it sorted out sooner rather than later. We’ll generally use a wire brush to work rust off the cast iron interior, and brush out or wipe away any loose particles. If appropriate we’ll also use a suitable cleaning agent to get your oven into top shape.

AGAs are tough as anything but they are not self-cleaning. Spills and foodstuffs inside the oven will carbonise over time, but they’ll create odours and potentially taint what you’re cooking. Like most ovens, there’s no short cut to being genuinely clear.  

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AGA Cleaning Near You

We would love to help you restore your Aga to its sparkling glory.

Booking a professional Aga clean is easy, click on our quote request and we will find your local Oven Rescue representative.