Please state if the property is a flat/house/shop as parking can be a major issue. You are required to state any restrictions before hand as our vehicle will be in constant use, so immediate access is required. When working in a location which requires payment, Customer will have to cover this fee before any work is undertaken whether its pay and display, ccz or permit. Should any ill advice given by the Customer regarding where to park and our vehicle has incurred fines/fees it will be added to your total bill on the day.

Accessories & Replacements (Accs/Reps)

Replacements/extras such as cleaning Oven Trays, Oven Liners, Bulb Replacements, Extractor Hood Filters are charged at £7-10.00 each. For anything extra you require, a note will be made of and we’ll get back to you with the findings.

Payment to be made in cash or bank transfer on completion before leaving premises.  


Oven Rescue will provide all cleaning supplies and oven cleaning equipment required to provide the cleaning services. The Customer must provide hot running water, electricity and suitable parking at the premises where the cleaning services take place. We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Customer’s original requirements change.
For ovens/hobs/extractors/bbq/microwaves that are extremely dirty and need extensive cleaning an additional fee of £20.00ph will be added to the total bill if the duration time is extended.
Please state any known type of fault/problems with your appliance(s), as will we at the time if there are any.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

We appreciate that there are times when an appointment needs to be rearranged, postponed or, in exceptional circumstances, cancelled. Please note our fees below to cover costs in these circumstances.
Where an appointment is rescheduled and we have received at least 48 hrs notice, there is no fee payable. Notification within 36 hrs will attract a 20% of the booked work fee and rescheduled appointments where we are notified on the day that works are diaried to be undertaken will attract a 25% of the booked work fee. In cases when works are cancelled and not rescheduled, the following policy applies. There is no fee if we are given in excess of 48 hours notice. All rescheduling will require a 50% deposit.

Cancellation notification within 36 hrs of a diaried appointment will attract a 50% of the booked work fee and cancellation notification on the day that an appointment is booked will attract a 100% fee.

By agreeing to book us you are accepting all the above terms and conditions.

Oven Rescue South East London covers premises under the SE postcode ensuring clean ovens, hobs, microwaves, extractors and BBQ’s. For any queries please contact Stefan or Mark, details below.

Tel: 0203 795 1008
Mob: 07825 953 950

Tel: 0203 664 0419