Escaping the Office Routine to Start an Oven Cleaning Franchise - Sam Checkett

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 31 and began with Oven Rescue a year ago. I’d been in sales at a small engineering business for five years. I got on really well with the people I worked with, but the office routine wasn’t really for me. 

What made you choose Oven Rescue? 

A friend’s dad had a franchise in a different business and told us how well it worked for him. His advice was to explore oven cleaning, and I got in touch with a few different options. Some didn’t bother coming back to me, but Mike did promptly and told me all about Oven Rescue. I liked the modern, sharp look of the brand, and I liked what Mike had to say.

Did you know anything about oven cleaning?

No, absolutely nothing. 

How did your training go?

I spent two weeks with Mike, learning as much as I could about different types of oven, and working at customers’ homes. It was full-on but I learned a lot, and was ready to go.

What’s the ongoing support like?

To begin with I’d be on the phone to Mike every week, and he was always ready to help out. I don’t call anything like as much as I did, but Mike’s always there.

What’s Mike like to deal with?

He’s great – easy-going and easy to talk to. I never feel like I’m imposing on him, because he’s so ready to help. 

What’s a typical day?

I usually start off at 8.30 to 9, and get home for a break for lunch. Then I’m off again for the afternoon, and usually back home by 5 or so. 

What’s oven cleaning like? 

It’s very rewarding. You turn a filthy oven into one that looks brand new. It’s physical work but you get results. It beats sitting behind a desk and the day never drags. 

Customers are brilliant. People who want their ovens cleaned want you there. They are usually very apologetic about how dirty their ovens are, and they love having a clean oven at the end of the job.

How does Oven Rescue work for you financially?

In my first year, I’ve earned up to £3,000 a month, and in quieter periods I’ve been out leafleting to build up the business. Basically, I can ramp it up when I want to. 

How has life changed since you began with Oven Rescue?

I don’t go to bed stressed! There’s no boss to report to because I’m working for myself, and I get out of the job what I put in.

Are there any downsides to franchising with Oven Rescue?

For me, there are no downsides, although I prefer the busy Christmas periods to the quieter summer.  

How strongly would you recommend an Oven Rescue franchise?

It’s highly recommended. It’s a great brand and the two week training sets you up to go and be your own boss. What other businesses can do that? After the training it’s down to you, and that’s what I like. 

What are your top tips for anyone thinking about an Oven Rescue franchise?

Check the competition for oven cleaners in your area, and look at what they’re not doing. Near me they don’t do Facebook, so I do!  

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