Starting An Oven Cleaning Business: A Complete Guide

Are you a keen businessperson or aspiring entrepreneur looking for your next business venture? Are you passionate about cleanliness and looking for a lucrative opportunity? Starting an oven cleaning business might just be the perfect venture for you.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to successfully launch your own oven cleaning business. Through Oven Rescue, your next business venture may be just around the corner.

Is oven cleaning a good business?

With the right set up, oven cleaning can be a very lucrative and rewarding business to run. Some of the perks of starting up an oven cleaning business include:

  • High job satisfaction
  • Great customer retention
  • Independency by being your own boss


Any hardworking person with an eye for business and the willingness to expand will have a great chance of succeeding with an oven cleaning business.

Luckily, with the help of Oven Rescue, starting an oven cleaning business has never been easier. Our franchise business model gives any aspiring business owners, including yourself, the opportunity to start your own oven cleaning business today.

How to start an oven cleaning business: a step-by-step guide

Choosing to start up independently or adopting a franchise is the biggest choice you will have to make when starting an oven cleaning business. Through this guide, we will look at the options for both and discuss them throughout.

Step 1 – Decide on a business plan

To start an oven cleaning business, you will need to thoroughly research and plan. You will need to consider either setting up a business on your own or adopting a franchise.

Working independently has its own perks but will require much more initial set up. On top of this, you will need to train yourself or invest in training from a third-party, meaning you are limited by your expertise which may hinder your workload at the start.

On the other hand, buying an oven cleaning franchise does not have the same issue. An oven cleaning franchise like Oven Rescue will give you training from the get-go, meaning you will always have support if you need it whilst retaining your independence.

Step 2: Consider the legal requirements

Going independent means that you need to comply with and work through all the UK regulations yourself. This includes registering your business, obtaining licences, and ensuring all your documents are in order. If you are new to setting up a business, this can be quite overwhelming and punishing if you make any mistakes.

By going through a franchise like Oven Rescue, you will not need to worry about setting this up yourself. Oven Rescue already adheres to all UK regulations, meaning you simply have to manage your business and leave the legalities to us.

Step 3: Invest in equipment and supplies

High-quality cleaning equipment is vital to any cleaning business. Using the best tools and having the knowledge to use them is the reason why customers consult you in the first place, so you cannot afford to cheap out.

Starting an oven cleaning business independently means researching and investing in the tools necessary to provide a top quality service. This includes the solutions, brushes, scrapers, and protective gear. You will also need to consider transportation: how will you get around? How will you transport your equipment from client to client?

Oven Rescue provides all franchisees with the necessary tools to clean ovens. This means that you are getting optimal equipment to carry out a great service for your clients, including a van to support you.

Step 4: Advertise, advertise, advertise!

At the heart of setting up an oven cleaning business is marketing. If prospective customers are not aware of your business, how will you drive results?

Going independent means that you will have to manage this on your own. Consider both online and offline channels by exploring methods of advertising your oven cleaning. Marketing is a big job, so it may be best to outsource to a third party. Whilst it does cost money to do so, you ultimately need clients or your business will not succeed.

Buying a franchise like Oven Rescue means you automatically gain our list of current customers, allowing you to have clients to work with from the get-go. On top of this, your business gains traction through our name and marketing channels, so you will not have to worry about doing marketing yourself.

Step 5: Plan for expansion

Any aspiring entrepreneur will always be looking for expansion opportunities or ways to grow their business. Starting an oven cleaning business has plenty of room for growth. People will always need oven cleaning as it is a challenging task that is best left to the professionals.

Starting your business independently means considering this on your own. Whilst you may have the business brain, this will be on top of all the aforementioned points too, including managing the business, equipment, training, and marketing too. This is a lot for one person and may end up being too much to handle.

Expansion is always an option for franchise owners under Oven Rescue. Whether it be new areas to manage or other ways of servicing our clients, the future holds no bounds.. Any aspiring and hardworking business owner will have plenty of opportunities for growth and expansion by adopting our franchise model.

Setting up an oven cleaning business: independent or franchise?

As covered in the step-by-step guide of starting an oven cleaning business, there are factors for both setting up a business independently and buying a franchise that you will need to weigh up.

Working independently may seem appealing, but many business owners do not highlight the stress and rigmarole of running a business behind the scenes. Starting an oven cleaning business on your own is a lot of work for potentially not much reward.

An oven cleaning franchise has the same benefits of working independently. You work for yourself, you choose your own hours, and you manage and oversee the success and growth of your business. Not only this, but you gain connections that will support you and growth, becoming part of a community of successful business owners.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Get in touch or read more about starting an Oven Rescue Franchise to find out more and start your new career today.

Starting an oven cleaning business: FAQS

Do you need qualifications to clean ovens?

While formal qualifications are not mandatory, having relevant training or certifications can enhance your credibility and expertise. Oven Rescue provides all franchise owners with the necessary training and credentials to clean ovens professionally, so you will not have to worry about inexperience.

Is oven cleaning a profitable business?

Yes – definitely. Oven cleaning is always in demand as people simply do not have the skills or tools necessary to clean ovens on their own. On top of this, the costs of running the business are low, meaning you can potentially profit upwards of over £1,250 per week.

Is it costly to set up an oven cleaning franchise?

Typically, oven cleaning businesses charge between £10,000 to £25,000 for franchises. This is a big discrepancy that, when you look closely, offers essentially the same thing. At Oven Rescue, our franchises start from £9,500 and benefit from Government Backed Loans and business financing. There are also many small costs that a lot of businesses may not be upfront about. At Oven Rescue, we are transparent with all of our costs from the get-go, meaning there will be no surprises if you go ahead with acquiring one.